This is the home page for me to tell the world what's up in my radio shack.

Copy and paste below link into vlc player to see tower cam


Net Listings VHF/UHF

Freq. Local Time of Net UTC Time of Net Day of week Grid Name and  Net Control
50.400 AM 7:00 PM Central 00:00 utc Sundays EM70 North Florida 6 Meter AM net   Alec W4ICU
50.135 SSB 8:00 PM Eastern 00:00 utc Wednesdays EM72 Richard W1RAJ
144.210 SSB 7:00 PM Eastern 23:00 utc Mondays EL98 Roger WA4JWU
144.210 SSB 8:00 PM Eastern 00:00 utc Mondays EM84 Ray WA4NJP
144.220 SSB 8:00 PM Eastern 00:00 utc Thursdays EM72 Richard W1RAJ

Send me updates and new info for this listing thanks



Old build of 4X13b2's

I just wish there where no radio police in my area.
It makes ham radio no fun when someone always telling you how to tune your radio and jamming the freq.

 ARRP = Anal Retentive Radio Police